July 19, 2008

Potty party

It only took Henry about a week to get good at using the potty , by the second week he was a pro!
Sammy feels that the potty is a good place to catch up on his reading!

July 12, 2008

UCSB Family Vacation BEACH CAMP-part 1

Oh we had such a great time at the UCSB beach camp in Santa Barbara!
Here you see Henry trying to sign up for the wine tour,toobad he forgot his fake I.D.
Here is Henry destroying sandcastles at Goleta State Beach..
There was no bath tub so the boys had to take a bath in the bucket, what fun!
Henry learning how to play ping pong!!

UCSB Family Vacation BEACH CAMP - part 2

The bouncy house was fun!
So was playing dress up in our dorm room..
Walking on the beach with dad,, hhmmm, can you say clone ??
Went for our first boat ride and the captain let Sammy steer!!
Grandma & Grandpa Carter came for a few days, we love it when grandpa reads to us!

UCSB Family Vacation BEACH CAMP- part 3

These pictures were taken by professional photographer who worked at the vacation center... Henry is too cool.
Family portrait at the beach
The boys loved camp here they are in the byebye buggy which is a stroller for 6 kids! The boys went on a hike with the other kids in small world and all of their co-ed counselors..
Family portrait taken on arrival, we stayed in the dorm behind us.