February 23, 2008

Joe Cools

Sam, Henry and their best buddy Janatan, don shades to prove that fashion sense is truly inbred (Mom is responsible for the Ronald McDonald color palette). Janatan is perfecting his knew move, "Doin' the V8." Don't doubt me when I tell you: ALL the A-Listers are going to start showing up in paparazzi photos with one hand slammed against their head any day now!

February 14, 2008

First School Photos!

Okay, these are only proofs (hence the watermark) and we don't have the whole school gang photo yet.. but I thought they were too cute not to be posted. Near as I can figure, the "prop" in front of the kids is to keep them from BLITZING the cameraman. Appears to have worked! Photos were taken by Bronsonphotography.com, who specialize in groups and proms and stuff, in case you're looking for someone for something like that.