August 31, 2007

We love to read the newspaper with Daddy

Our favorite after breakfast activity....We especially like the ads!!

Cool Shoes

Check out the cool converse All-Stars Annie sent us for our birthday!!

August 18, 2007


Look at all the presents! And Grandpa fed henry cake. Being 2 is fun!!

Fun with friends on our birthday

Henry & Charlotte enjoy snack Playing guitar with Auntie Babs

In the house with Charlotte & Veronica Sammy & Zavery on the phone

August 10, 2007

Visit to Grandma & Grandpa Carter

We had a great 2 week visit with Grandma & Grandpa Carter this summer, here are a few of the things that we did:

played with goats chased geese (Henry)

visited with cousins went to the park went to the zoo