November 23, 2007

Henry experiences snow... decides it's lame.

Okay, so someone decided to dump a couple tons of man-made snow (i.e., basically shaved ice) on Holly Street in Old Town Pasadena. Henry checked it out, and appeared unimpressed. Sammy couldn't be bothered, and made a sprint for the jazz combo playing the theme to the Charlie Brown Christmas special on the street... and had to be pulled physically off the drum set.

November 21, 2007

Flouting Child Labor Laws Attempted

Sam and Henry have decided that washing dishes is fun. Unfortunately, rinsing, drying, and keeping the dishes and water in the sink is not part of the attraction.

November 14, 2007

Continued Musical Aspirations

Sam and Henry continue their obsession with guitars... although in November a new instrument was added to the clubhouse: A Schoenhut "Daycare Durable" upright "piano." These air-quotes are important, because the item in question is actually so laughably fragile that it arrived with a broken stool and half the keys unplayable. It's replacement arrived in even WORSE condition! Also, it's basically a clavicord, hitting metal tines with hammers.. but whatever.

November 11, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Auntie Babs came with us and we met up with our friend Jonatan(the skunk) around the corner and had a great time going trick or treating.

a Trip to the Zoo

We went to the LA Zoo today where they have just opened the new Gorilla Habitat. The little gorilla is baby Glenda with her daddy, she is 2 years old just like us! Henry said his favorite was the giraffeses!!

The Sammy & Henry show November 2007