January 12, 2008

...and manners too!

Claire and I were both thrilled and amazed to here THIS exchcange emanating from the family room while were finishing breakfast the other day.

Speaking of fish...

In addition to feeding fish (see previous post) Sammy and Henry have also been watching fish get fed, and get fed to other critters, at the Long Beach Aquarium. Henry seemed to like the Sea Lions best, Sammy of course was most entranced by the guitar painted on the wall leading into the cafe...

Keeping up with Friends

Okay, this blog has officially cast loose from the bounds of chronological order. This post predates the last post, but not the next post. So there.

The Friday after X-mas we took a drive with the boys up to Santa Barbara to see our friends the Brewer family (Dagmar, Tim and identical twins Kaja and Katrina) whom we met while staying at the Cedars Sinai NICU after Sammy and Henry were born (gee.. "staying at" sounds SO much more pleasant than that really was...) Other than seeing how wonderfully healthy and charming the girls are growing up to be, one of the highlights of the trip was FEEDING FISH! As you can see from the photos below, Sammy also sampled the fish food, and decided it was rubbish. Stupid fish. In the words of Charlie Tuna, they got "no taste."

January 04, 2008

Choo Choo !!

Henry & Sammy take their first solo train ride! This was the fun part of our rainy day trip to the mall.............